My View For May and June

I haven’t posted in way too long, but oh my, have we been busy here! There are so many exciting things going on in this month of May – leading up to the month of June which will be off the charts! I hope you […]

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February Gardeners Almanac

The winter sap resembles me, Whose sap lies in the root, The spring draws nigh, as it, so I Shall bud, I hope, and shoot… – unknown W e have reached a milestone, gardeners. It is February, the sun is rising sooner, setting later… It […]

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I Will Pour Out My Spirit

E very way we turn we have been hearing it, and I have been experiencing it, haven’t you? Acceleration. I find myself just trying to catch my breath and somehow stay on track with all that is happening in the Spirit and in the world […]

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2015 Prophetic Decrees Being Decreed in 2016

The Decrees Released By Chuck Pierce in Madison, Wisconsin on February 6, 2015 Having our Apostle and Prophet from GOZ visit Wisconsin last February was significant and profound, both for me and for this ministry. Significant themes to pray into from Chuck’s word: Wisconsin is […]

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Shevat: A Month to Declare

W elcome to 2016!  I pray that your new year has gotten off to a wonderful start.  This is an especially significant time – not only are we in a new year on the Roman calendar, but we also just started the new Hebrew month […]

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Make the Most of the Time

“So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do…” Ephesians 5:15-17 Y es, it is that […]

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Growing in My Identity

I n “Tevet: A Month to Look Again and Choose to Walk in Your Destiny”, I wrote briefly about how God is changing how I see my identity.  As a teacher, I’ve been conditioned to have the right answers.  When people come to me for […]

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Waiting on God’s Promises

I t is a sunny day here on Norwegian Ridge. It isn’t quite feeling like December yet, but I do have decorations up for Christmas. I am listening to the sound of nail guns and table saws as I write this – it is miraculous! […]

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Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights

M any Christians don’t know much about the Jewish holiday called Hanukkah. This year it begins at sunset on Sunday, December 6th and ends in the evening of Sunday, December 13th. The “Festival of Lights” celebrates the anniversary of the Israelites over the Syrian Greek […]

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Stand Before the Lord

“I will take my place at the watchtower. I will stand at my post and watch. I will watch and see what he says to me. I need to think about how I should respond to him when he gets back to me with his […]

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A Nail in a Sure Place

Welcome to God’s calendar year of 5776. We are still the decade of “seeing better” (ayin: the “70’s”), but on September 13, 2015 we began the New Year called “ayin vav”. Last year we were in the midst of God’s whirlwind as he lifted us […]

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